Why Real Estate Photography is Important

Why Real Estate Photography is Important

What is Real Estate Photography?

Although this seems like a straightforward definition, real estate photography is exactly what it sounds like — photography of real estate and properties for the sake of listing them for sale.

That might seem simple, but it’s not what many people think it is. The stigma around real estate photography is that it just tricks in photo editing and Photoshop to make a house look better than it really is. But that’s not what real estate photography really is. 

A true real estate photographer doesn’t need to do as much photo editing to make your house look better. They use their industry skills to make everything in your home look the best that it can naturally. It’s a profession after all, not a hobby.

Can Any Photographer Do Real Estate Photography?

While technically, any photographer could do real estate photography and take pictures of your home, you really want to hire someone who specializes in real estate or architecture photography. Having a high-quality, reputable photographer taking pictures for you could make all the difference when it comes to selling your house. And considering that the average home price is above $300,000 nationwide and almost $400,000 in New Jersey, you’re risking a lot. 

Professional real estate photographers will know how to make features of your home stand out that other photographers won’t be able to do as well. Using natural light to accentuate the space, moving things around in the home for the perfect staging, or getting the ideal angle of your house’s exterior. 

These are just a few of the things that only a professional real estate photographer will be able to do as second nature, so it’s worth reaching out to a reputable one so you get the best photographs possible. 

Can I Just Take the Pictures Myself?

If you don’t want to pay for a professional real estate photographer to come in and take photos of your house, you might be considering just doing it yourself. After all, we pretty much all have a smartphone in our pockets these days with a high-quality camera on them, don’t we? Can’t you just take some pictures with your phone and list your house with those?

The short answer is, of course, yes, you could do that if you wanted. But if you’re just using a smartphone instead of actual photography equipment — especially if you haven’t been trained in photography before — you likely won’t be getting the best pictures of your home. And that can make it harder to sell it. 

That’s not to say it isn’t possible, as plenty of people out there have consistently listed their properties for sale with their own DIY photographs and had no issues selling them. But to get the most out of your home listing, you’ll want to hire a professional to take the pictures for you.

How to Get the Best Real Estate Pictures?

No matter if you decide to do it yourself or you want to run a quick check on the quality of the photographer you hired, here are a few of the most important areas of the house that should be included as well as a couple of tips and tricks:

  • The exterior of the house — the exterior photographs should be showing the entirety of the home at its best angles, including the landscaping, exterior lighting, and more.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms — the two most important rooms in the house for real estate purposes, the kitchen and bathrooms should be focused on. People looking for houses will decide on the spot not to go check out a property if they don’t like the kitchen or bathrooms.
  • Master bedroom — although you’ll want to show all of the bedrooms, the focus should be on the master bedroom where the buyers will be sleeping. Be sure to include the ensuite if there is one to really show it off.
  • Living room or main living space — showing off its size and how it flows with the house will help draw in more buyers looking for a place to relax as well as entertain.
  • Natural lighting — use natural lighting to your advantage while trying to avoid shadows at the same time. Natural lighting almost always provides better lighting than what can be achieved even in Photoshop, so it’s important to utilize.
  • Staging — make sure toys, shoes, and pets are out of the frame and ensure that everything is in its proper place. Furniture, pillows, blankets — it all matters in the picture and looks great when properly staged.
  • High-quality equipment — if you’re doing the pictures yourself, you’ll really want to have actual photography equipment, not just a smartphone. And if you’ve hired someone, make sure they’re using good equipment as well, such as a full-frame camera, to produce the best images possible. 
  • Don’t rush — it takes time to get the perfect shot. If you’re doing it yourself, take your time. If you see your photographer rushing, mention it to them and ensure they’re really getting the best photographs possible. 

Is Real Estate Photography Expensive?

Hiring a professional real estate photographer will generally cost you around $100 – $300, depending on the house’s size and the number of pictures you want. For example, Visual Grip offers real estate photography starting at $125, with prices going up to $200. 

For larger houses with lots of rooms, some photographers might even charge upwards of $500 in some cases. Don’t let these price tags scare you off or cause you to go looking for a deal, though!

When you’re selling your house for likely somewhere in the six figures, paying a few hundred bucks to a professional real estate photographer is almost always worth it! The attention they bring to your home and the extra potential buyers will usually offset the cost and make the home-selling process far quicker and easier. 

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