The Benefits of a Matterport Camera For Your Virtual Tour

The Benefits of a Matterport Camera For Your Virtual Tour

Once in a while, a chili cheese dog and some fries will do the trick. Other occasions call for a more refined approach to dining. Sure, you could cart your spouse off to the corner hot dog joint on the evening of your anniversary, but unless he or she is really into bologna, you just might be better off making a reservation at a place with a nicer menu. Some occasions simply warrant an extra effort or a premium product.


When it comes to offering your clients a Matterport 3D virtual tour , you have several options for scanning their space. At the top of the list of capture devices is the Matterport Pro2 Camera .


What is Matterport?


If you are not already familiar with the industry leader in virtual tour technology, Matterport heads the pack when it comes to capturing and indexing physical space – any space. From real estate properties, both residential and commercial, to industrial spaces and anything else in between, Matterport offers the ability to create a “ digital twin ” that can be viewed on any device from any location.



With Matterport, you have the ability to present customers with a customized experience that suits their property. Beyond using a 3D tour as a virtual open house to showcase your listings, you can also use the technology to highlight places of interest: a local restaurant, gallery, park, school, or any other space that adds value to your listings. You can even create a tour of your physical office space that can be uploaded as an accurate representation on Google Street View .


Once your digital twin masterpiece has been created, you and your clients can share the tour through email, MLS, and across social media. You can embed tours on your website where they will enhance user experience and help with your SEO strategy . Use the tours to showcase properties and to collaborate with clients and other stakeholders.

Why Use Matterport?


But what makes Matterport the better choice over other virtual tours ? Why would you choose their platform for your 3D offerings?


First of all, Matterport is easy to use. How does Matterport work ? Simply scan each room (or outdoor space) using their Matterport Capture App on any iOS device, upload the data to their online platform, and allow their Cortex AI (artificial intelligence) to do the rest for you

Once your virtual tour has been created, you can customize it with information tags, hotspots, and embedded videos throughout the property. Matterport also takes accurate measurements of walls, doorways, and other elements of the property within one percent accuracy, so that viewers can get a realistic sense not only of the look and feel of the space, but of the actual dimensions. The program is easy to navigate.


So are the tours. Viewers can access any room or area with the click of a mouse or a touch of the screen. Matterport’s occlusion feature enriches the experience by preventing visitors from walking through walls and objects (a feature missing in many other virtual tours). The journey can be further enhanced by Matterport’s compatibility with virtual reality devices for a fully immersive Matterport 3D Digital Twin experience. To make it even richer, a Matterport showcase includes (in addition to the walk-through mode) a bird’s eye floorplan view and dollhouse view of the entire tour.



Unlike many virtual tours that must be created with a specific capture device – or even a proprietary one – Matterport gives you a range of capture options. While their own Pro2 3D camera is considered the “gold standard” for spatial data capture, a number of other 3D cameras are compatible. Even the phone in your pocket may be capable of scanning spaces for a Matterport showcase, since the service is compatible with iPhone and iPad cameras. Of course, for the best experience and sharpest images, you will want to consider the Pro2.


Why Use a Matterport Pro2 Camera?

There is one “disadvantage” to using Matterport’s camera for capturing your space: it is not inexpensive. But it is also not “cheap”. The Pro2 is a state-of-the-art professional camera with 134 megapixel resolution capable of 4K HDR print-quality photography. It is accessed easily with the Matterport Capture App on an iOS device. Once the camera is set up, scans are activated literally with the push of a button. As each scan is added, a profile of the tour is built automatically. And the Pro2’s battery life allows for multiple locations to be captured between charges.

Of course, Matterport will work with other compatible 3D cameras, including the Ricoh Theta Z1 and Theta V , the Insta360 OneR – and an iPhone or iPad. Each offers its own set of benefits from cost to convenience. But none offers the quality and ease of the Pro2.


If you want to shoot a quick trip through the local farmer’s market or add value to an entry-level property, an iPhone or other 3D camera might be all you need – just as a burger, fries, and a Coke will do on the way home from the beach or following an afternoon drive on an autumn color tour. But for those properties that warrant your highest effort – professional photography , full-color brochures , and premium virtual tours – only the best camera will do.


But not every agent is in the market for a three-thousand dollar camera. That is where contracting with a professional service comes in handy. You do not need to try and recoup your investment over a long period of time. Instead, you can invest in the service as you need it, as you see fit.

Whichever avenue you follow, whether you purchase a Pro2 camera or seek out a professional service , make Matterport’s highest and best option your go-to strategy for your most important and “special occasion” properties.

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