Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park

Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park

Portfolio Description

ZM Media is a London-based real estate photo and videography services provider. Our goal is to provide outstanding commercial and real estate photography and videography alongside real estate marketing services. We strive to overcome expectations and communicate at the highest level.

ZM Media team up with Wyldecrest Parks, one of the UK’s No.1 Park operators, to provide our outstanding real estate photo and videography services for their residential and holiday parks for more than 70 locations all around the UK. Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park Herefordshire is one of the projects that we did with Wyldecrest Parks.

It is a tranquil and beautiful residential park with a forest environment and spectacular views of the Bromyard Downs and Malvern Hills to the south. The Border region of Wales is situated to the west, along with numerous outbuildings, stables, ice houses, and a cider wheel, making this park an exclusive location to reside.

Goal of project

After a detailed meeting with the client, we specified our goals for this task. The goals for this project was straightforward; our client just demanded to capture high-quality photos and Aerial videos of the park from various angles, showing its warmth, value, surroundings and outstanding location, using for the purposes of listing and marketing. So, buyers can see every detail of the property just as viewing and experiencing it in reality.

Our team travelled from London to Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park Herefordshire. We performed the following tasks:

Interior Photography for 3 properties
Marketing material production, including individual walkthrough videos and Promo videos

360 HDR Photography for 3 properties
Aerial Photography for Saltmarshe Castel Holiday Park and individual properties

Our Equipment consists of Full-Frame Canon DSLR Cameras with standard and Wide-Angle lenses for photography and videography. Furthermore, we used Ricoh Theta and Insta-one Cameras for 360 HDR photography and videography also for 3D Matterport scans and for virtual tours. In addition, for Aerial photography and videography, we used our DJI Mavic Drone.


The results were remarkable, showcased in the imagery. In addition, the property was listed online on the client’s website and through other digital marketing media. To see the property listing Click Here.