How to Keep Your Home Ready to Shoot When You Have Children

How to Keep Your Home Ready to Shoot When You Have Children

Your real estate agent may bring potential buyers to your house at any moment, so maintain it show-ready. However, this appears to be difficult if you’re a busy parent with small children. So, how do you gather toys, clean the bathroom, and wash off dusty surfaces while getting your kids ready for an unplanned outing? Try these sensible methods for keeping your house immaculate and clutter-free, so you’re always prepared.

Develop a Last-Minute Cleaning Plan

Before you start prepping your home, come up with a quick-cleaning plan, so you’re always prepared for those last-minute showings. Keeping an empty basket handy for collecting toys, paperwork, and other bits of clutter from around the home. As you go, open curtains, flip on the lights, remove smelly trash bags, and close all closet doors.

Make sure this list of tasks is short enough that you can get it done in as little as 15 minutes. Anything that doesn’t fit into this time frame should be tackled during your home staging preparations and daily cleaning routine.

Pack Away Your Clutter

While you may be able to store a few bits and ends at the last minute, aim to clear out most of your clutter well in advance. If you wait until the last minute before a showing, you will be compelled to store things in closets. This is an issue since prospective purchasers will want to see your storage facilities. Furthermore, overcrowded closets might give the impression that your home is lacking in space.

But why reduce clutter if you’ll be relocating all of your belongings out of the house when you do? Clutter detracts from the greatest qualities of your home and makes rooms look smaller. Furthermore, personal objects such as family pictures and your precious collection of antiques might make it difficult for purchasers to see their own life in your home. Allow yourself plenty of time to clear before your first showing so that you may transfer your belongings out of the house rather than cluttering your closets.

Keep a Few Accessories Around for Staging

Remember to save a few accessories for arranging your house when you’re decluttering.  Home staging is a way of emphasising your house’s most outstanding qualities and providing buyers with an ideal vision of their life there. Because most home buyers start their housing search online, it’s essential to arrange your house before shooting real-estate images – you just have a few moments with your pictures alone to create an excellent first impression!

Concentrate your staging efforts on your home’s most essential rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. With new, fluffy bedding and soothing decor, you may make your bedroom look opulent. Mirrors carefully positioned may make a space appear larger. Shift lamps around to light up gloomy places. A fresh set of bath towels and a new bar of soap may transform your bathroom into a spa. Check out these ideas for arranging your child’s bedroom.

Get in the Habit of Daily Tidying

After you’ve cleaned, organised, and arranged your home, your final duty is to keep it that way. Make it a practice to clean your house regularly. For example, do the dishes first thing in the morning, make all the beds first thing in the morning, sweep the floors, clean down your sinks, and store your toiletries in a drawer. Close off specific rooms in your home to reduce work. Encourage your children to assist with chores if they are old enough.

Selling a property is complicated enough on its own, but when you’re a busy parent, stress is unavoidable. So to organise and prepare your home ahead of time so that all you have to do when your real estate agent calls at the last minute is rush around and tidy up the place. Showing off a sparkling clean, attractive house is essential for selling your home quickly and getting buyers to agree on your asking price.

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