How to Bring Your Interior Design Style to Life Through Photography

How to Bring Your Interior Design Style to Life Through Photography

Think of the last time you completed a project for a client. Remember how excited they were to experience the newest updates to their home, and how proud you were of your work. Remember how you felt inside the space, how memorable the ambience was. Remember the time, effort, and dedication that you, and maybe even members of your team put into bringing joy to your client’s home.

Before you say your goodbyes to your client, you want to capture your work. Maybe you snap a few photos with your phone or personal camera. Maybe a member of your team, or a friend has a bit of photography experience and helps by taking some photos. But when it comes time to share your latest project through these images with your prospective clients, the wow-factor falls flat. They fail to experience the impact of your work, and the value that partnering with you will bring to their home.

Now imagine if you could capture a photo for your portfolio that transports your prospective clients back into that space. Not only are the colors, fabrics and materials you curated captured perfectly, but more importantly, the atmosphere you worked so hard to cultivate is captured as well. Open spaces feel breezy and light, bedrooms cozy and warm, entertaining spaces beckon for visitors and feel alive.

First impressions with your clients matter, and the images in your portfolio should consistently represent your style and your brand. Establishing a partnership with a professional photographer who specializes specifically in capturing interiors, is critical to the success of any interior design business.

Through a collaborative partnership, the right photographer will help you to develop a consistent, cohesive, and authentic feel across your portfolio, ensuring that your work is easily recognizable, and that photos help to establish and support your brand. And perhaps most importantly, photographs captured by a professional photographer, will better translate the story of the spaces you have worked tirelessly to create.

Take time to research photographers diligently. Interview them, and perhaps hold a trial shoot of one of your recent projects. Photographers who are invested in a long term partnership will be willing to meet face-to-face with you to walk you through their portfolio, and will be willing to give professional feedback on your portfolio and how they feel their photography would have a positive impact on your work. Identifying a photography partner who understands your vision for your work and who is willing to truly collaborate with you, will reap long term benefits for your business.

Where to Start?

  • Identify a professional photographer who is willing to partner with you in curating your portfolio, with a shared focus on developing your brand.
  • In collaboration with your photography partner, establish uniformity across photographs of your work, to better build recognition for your designs and separate yourself from your competition.
  • Ensure that collections of photos from each of your projects, whether single or multiple rooms, tell the story of the space by maintaining a cohesive look.
  • Bring a sense of authenticity to your photos by giving extra time and attention to staging and styling.
  • Make photographing your work a priority! Capturing quality photographs of your designs is a critical element in marketing your business and cultivating new clients.

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