How Professional Photos Will Sell Your Home

How Professional Photos Will Sell Your Home

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, we all know that professional pictures can truly make a listing stand out. But did you know they can do so much more for you? Like assisting you in selling your house faster and for a higher price? If you’ve ever questioned if you were receiving a good return on your investment, here are four ways which professional photos of your listings are making things happen for you.

The More Buyers Attention

Did you know that professional photography boosts the number of people who look at a house by 61%? In addition, pictures improve the click rate on your listing by 118 percent. 

Listings With Professional Photographs help you Sell  Faster

In addition, properties with professional pictures spend an average of 89 days on the market, whereas other properties spend an average of 123 days on the market. While we know that other influences how long a house stays on the market, we also know that professional photographs may help it sell faster.
Listings With Professional Photography Helps You to Sell At Higher Rates
Did you also know that properties with high-quality photographs attract a 47 percent higher selling price per square foot on average? Professional photography can help you market your item for 39% more than the initial asking price. As a result, professional photography may help you put more cash on hand.
Professional Photography Makes The House Look It’s Best
It’s no doubt that the best way to show off a house is for it to look visual attractive. Often times photos taken with a cell phone or by an amateur can result in images that will leave a potential buyer unimpressed and wondering what the home really looks like. A professional photographer knows what angles will best show off the listing and the home’s unique features.
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